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Rules & Regulations

In respect of age and position, the students are expected to maintain appropriate guidelines as follows:

  • The management takes every major and minor step for the better carrier of students for which full cooperation from the students is extremely necessary.
  • The identity card endorsed by the Centre Incharge should be present with the students within the institute premises.
  • The applicant can deposit his fees by cash or Demand Draft drawn in favor of Bhardwaj Educational Services Pvt. Ltd., payable at Barh. If anybody deposits his fees by cash they should get the cash memo from our authorized centres.
  • The student will have to pay their Installments on or before the 10th of each month otherwise they will have to deposit a delayed payment surcharge at the rate of INR 5 per day, failing which , after 25th of each month, in case of nonpayment they will have to get registered again with a fee of Rs 250/-.
  • No fee or part of the fee will be refundable in any circumstances, except Govt. approval skill development training programs, which has provision of refund.
  • Proper discipline has to be maintained within the institute premises. Any student found misbehaving or caught adopting unfair practices during the examination for shall be liable for immediate removal from the examination and be restricted from attending the classes in the future.
  • The Students should attend all the theory and lab classes regularly.
  • The organization reserves its right to make any alterations in its programs/fees without any prior notice to anybody.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of the CEO is final and binding on all faculty members, students, student’s parents & business associates. All legal disputes shall be within the jurisdiction of Patna High Court.