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Franchise Support

  • Study Centre will get all the necessary techno marketing inputs required to develop a standard, dynamic training institute successfully.
  • Study Centre will get a time tested teaching methodology a wide range of mend based and job oriented courses well researched study material according to the syllabus; inputs form our research and development cell of the organization.
  • DCTP permits independence and cooperation through which study Centre can enjoy DCTP reputation and its vast experience and expertise in the field of Education with authorized centers throughout all over India.
  • Reliability and assurance of quality of services, process and international standard assurance. No monthly audit
  • Study Centre will get initial start-up kit containing product brochures and promotional material, which is subject to a minimal charge.
  • Generally, comparative to other universities no need to wait & inquire about the reimbursement of study Centre share amount. However, with us you are required to pay only prescribed share of the courses fee don’t pay your share amount. This means immediate realization of profit, no claiming reimbursement, no need of billing.